While the downturn of the economy has affected us all,
those hit hardest are Veterans that have special needs
that impact their limited incomes and their ability to meet
their basic needs, including paying their energy costs.


In order to maximize the generosity of our donors, we are committed to limiting our administration costs to only 10%!  That means, for every dollar that you donate, $.90 of that goes directly to a Veteran in need… right here in your own back yard!


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If you are a Veteran in need of energy assistance, the Heat for Heroes Campaign is here to help! 2 EASY steps help you obtain the services you deserve.


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It is through the generosity of those like yourself, that allow the Heat for Heroes Campaign to successfully keep the heat and power on for literally THOUSANDS of Wisconsin Veterans!


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To further compound the growing energy plight faced by thousands of Wisconsin Veterans, particularly those with service related disabilities, the soaring increases in energy costs in recent years have also resulted in those Veterans with limited incomes facing a life threatening energy-related crisis situation.  At no fault of their own, these American Heroes are struggling with the daily challenge of paying for basic necessitates such as food and medication, while fighting to pay for escalating costs of heating their homes. This has forced them to make the tough choice between eating and heating in order to survive Wisconsin’s bitter cold winters and blistering hot summers.


  • Wisconsin is home to over 413,000 Veterans
  • Today, there are over 62,000 disabled Veterans in Wisconsin, many waiting over 125 days after duty to receive Federal disability benefits
  • Thousands of Veterans fall below the Federal and State poverty line
  • Over 16,000 Wisconsin Veterans are currently unemployed
  • Next to health challenges and limited incomes, the principle cause of homelessness in Veterans is their inability to pay for the escalating costs to keep their heat and power on
  • To date, the Heat for Heroes Campaign has served over 7,000 Wisconsin Veterans!